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Loader regular maintenance regulations

Release time 2017-03-23 15:06  
、 Every day
   1. Check whether the oil, water, gas leakage and mechanical overheating
   2. Check the diesel engine oil coolant and hydraulic oil level
   3. Check tire pressure and damage
   4. Check the instrument and light
   5. Each hinge is filled with butter
、Per 50 hours
   1. Check fastening the front and rear drive shaft bolts
   2. Check the gearbox oil level
   3. Check the adjustment foot brake and hand brake, brake booster oil
   4.Check the throttle to control the speed control system
、Per 100 hours
   1. Replace the gearbox oil (after every 600 hours replacement), clean the oil pan filter
   2. Replace engine oil (after every 600 hours replacement)
   3. Check the battery liquid level, the battery terminal coated Vaseline
   4. Check the tightening of the bolts of the rim and brake disc bolts
   5. Check the tightening of the fastening bolts
、Per 200 hours
   1. Check the front and rear axle oil level
   2. Clean the air filter (replace the filter if necessary)
   3. Cleaning Oil Diesel& Oil Filter
   4. Measure tire pressure from 0.27 to 0.31 MPa
   5. Check whether the welds on the front and rear of the working device are cracked
   6. Check the generator fan belt tightness
、Per 600 hours
   1. Replacement of front and rear axle gear oil (after every 1000 hours replacement)
   2. Clean the oil filter of the diesel fuel tank
   3. Remove contaminants from the surface of the tank radiator
   4. Replace the engine oil , replace the oil diesel oil filter
   5. Replace gearbox oil and oil filter
   6. Check the engine valve clearance
、Per 1200 hours
   1. Replace the hydraulic oil to clean or replace the oil filter, clean the tank
   2. Check the operation of the engine
   3. Check the hydraulic system work
   4. Check steering system performance
   5. Check brake system performance, replace brake oil
、Per 2400 hours
   1. Operate the engine in accordance with the engine's instructions
   2. Disassemble the gearbox torque converter
   3. Disassemble the front and rear bridges
   4. Check the whole parts of the weld