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Piston pump A2F55
Axial piston unit of bent axis design with fixed displacement,for use as either pump of motor in hydrostatic drivers,in open or closed circuit.
If operated as a pump,the flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement.
If operated as a motor,the output speed is proportional to the swept volume and inversely proportional to displacement,The output torque incerases with the pressure drop between the high and low pressure sides.
Special Features:
High performance rotary group with well-proven spherical control area with the advantage: self-centering low peripheral speed, high efficiency.
Robust rolling bearing endure long service life.
Drive shaft capable of adopting radial loading.
May be used in conjunction with fire-resistant fluids.
Low noises generation.
 Piston pump A2F55
Piston pump A2F55
Piston pump A2F55
Piston pump A2F55