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XGMA Caliper disc brake
The caliper disc brake is kind of hydraulic component which works accord the friction produced when the axis pushes the brake disc tightly. It has the features of compact in frame、large area of friction、great braking torque and easy maintenance. It is extensively used in the braking system of construction machinery. Our products are famous for no leakage、piston back bit better、dependable performance and fine appearance.

Name Piston diameter㎜ Brake disc diameter㎜ Braking torque N.m Pressure MPa Applicable models
XGMA ¢75 ¢500 13050 10 ZL40 ZL50 Loader
CLG ¢75 ¢450 10021 10 ZL40 ZL50 Loader
SOM ¢75 ¢450 11504 10 ZL40、ZL50、ZL80 Loader
YICHUN ¢75 ¢450 11504 10 ZL30 Loader
ZL15 ¢75 ¢400~¢430 6000 10 Z115、ZL20 Loader
Z110 ¢65 ¢310   10 Z110、Z100 Loader