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CAT multi-way valve
CAT multi-way valve is domestic kit of imported loader, such as 950B,966D and 980S. The valve mainly used in large and medium hydraulic machinery, including loader and bulldozer.
This product adopt design of reducing pressure, which is helpful to improve characteristic with micro-motion, and reduce the operating force of direction valve. Less pressure loss and convenient pipeline arrangement are advantages of it.


Maximum pressure Filler opening:  A and B       25MPa
Filler opening:  P            20MPa
Filler opening                1.5MPa
Filler opening                1.5MPa
Nominal flow rate 250L/min
Pressure adjustment range Main safety valve             8-20 MPa
Overload valve               8-25 MPa
Viscosity range               10-380 mm2/s
Oil temperature range          -20 ~ 80 ℃
Oil cleaning degree Cleanliness is not lower than degree of GB/T 14039-93 19/16 or NAS 1638 10.
Approximate quality Basic valve group:             62kg
Triple valve group:            95kg