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DFS32.2C multi-way control valve
DFS multi-way valve is a kind of modified products, and its characteristics are high pressure level, convenient operation, small leakage, large flow capacity, good fretting performance, appropriate size, the product can be directly installed in the current domestic loader, and it has considerable popularization value. Is an innovative product with high technology.

Oil inlet check valve is installed in the external body of valve. In order to enhance the rigidity of the valve we adopt solid structure, and the elastic deformation is small. Meanwhile the heat capacity can be improved so that the thermal deformation is small. The pressure groove with reasonable design can avoid the hydraulic lock in the high pressure and large flow.
The valve stem has good rigidity, high precision, and low internal leakage .
The overall structure with two, triple two, for the user to choose.


No. Breakdown Cause Solution
1 Lack of work pressure 1.Low setting pressure of overflow valve. 1.adjust pressure of relief valve
2. overflow valve jammed 2.take it apart, clean and rebuilt the units
3.pressure regulating spring damaged 3.replace safety valve
4. too large pressure loss of system pipeline. 4.replace line or adjust pressure of overflow valve
2 Inadequate work flow 1.insufficient oil supply of system 1.check oil source
2. large leakage of valve
- high temperature and viscosity decreased
- improper selection of oil
-excessive clearance between stem and valve
-take measures to reduce oil temperature
-replace oil
-replace new product
3 Reset failure Damage or deformation of return spring    Replace spring
4 External leakage 1.Damage of O type circle 1.replace O type circle
2.Poor sealing of oil drain port 2.check tightness and sealing
3.Screw cap loosening  3.tighten the nut

Model Rated Flow
Rated Pressure MPa Stem Number Manual steering force  
Weight       kg
DFS25.2 160 20 2 26×9.81 39
DFS25.3 160 20 3 26×9.81 44
DFS32.2 250 20 2 30×9.81 39
DFS32.3 250 20 3 30×9.81 46